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Eat Move Glow 

Eat Move Glow is one year old and after a year of learning how and what to blog about, we are refining our audience.

Originally when I began Eat Move Glow it was a way to share my thoughts and resources on health and why it was so important to me, particularly after my cancer experience. At first I was reluctant to talk about cancer itself. This year however, I had to engage in four months of counselling and as I relived the cancer experience, writing about it was actually very therapeutic.  

Also throughout this first year of Eat Move Glow I had three awesome workshops with the ‘Green Queen’ dynamic duo. Seriously, these girls are super knowledgeable about building a blog to business and also extremely enthusiastic and supportive. We chatted about refining the audience throughout each session but I just wasn’t sure what this audience was. Then I got chatting with the AMAZING Laura Phillips.

Laura and I share a mutual best bud and she is also a fellow cancer survivor. When we first spoke about Eat Move Glow and where we could take, it was frightening how similar our ideas were. It is like we are the same people.

Our individual experience with cancer is unique however we both believe that nutrition, exercise and wellbeing have been the catalyst in our recovery both physically and mentally. We are keen to share the resources we used during our cancer experience with other women.

The new Eat Move Glow concept is: A cancer toolbox for women

We aim to empower and support women affected by cancer with nutrition, exercise and wellness tools.

Through both our experiences Laura and I recognised the need to have a personal toolbox of resources to manage the various stages of our cancer journey. This was anything from smoothie recipes to boost immunity during chemotherapy, to taking a walk in the fresh air to feel invigorated or the need for meditation when we were overwhelmed with fear.

We have so many resources to share with women to enable them to build their own toolbox. We want women to feel supported. We want women to feel empowered. We want women to know they are not alone on their caner journey.

The Eat Move Glow cancer toolbox is directed to two groups of women affected by cancer:

  1. The Cancer Warrior

As women we are natural caretakers. When we get sick, we lose the ability to take care of ourselves. We can lose control. This can be a frightening experience. The Eat Move Glow cancer toolbox is a resource for women with cancer to take back control during this hard time. It is a resource to help these women feel empowered.

  1. The Cancer Supporter

These women are champions. They tirelessly care for a loved one who is ill with cancer. They endlessly worry, stress, lose sleep, plan, prepare, cook, and clean. Who is caring for them? They should not be forgotten. The Eat Move Glow cancer toolbox aims to give these women tips and resources on how to care for a loved one with cancer and most importantly, how to take care of themselves. We want to help these women feel empowered.

Cancer is a frightening experience. Let Eat Move Glow make a positive difference in your cancer journey.


Lisa and Laura x


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