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3 easy ways to ‘eat the rainbow’

To ‘eat the rainbow’ means eating a colourful diet and this has many health benefits as well as making meals look more desirable. Colourful foods help boost the body’s antioxidant levels thus improving overall immunity, they help to improve skin tone making your skin glow, they decrease levels of acidity in the body making your gut smile and […]

vitamin water

Home-made Vitamin Water

Vitamin water is a great way to boost your immunity and hydrate your body. These home-made vitamin waters are such a simple, effective idea that take just a few minutes to make. I never thought of sharing this idea because it was so simple. I felt people may have found it patronising however, watching people carry […]

Detox juice

Spring Green Detox Juice

Start Spring with a green detox juice to give your digestive system a spring clean. A detox can improve your hydration levels, boost your energy levels, and enhance your glow. Spring is the time when we start to think about removing the dreaded thick layers of clothing that have hidden a multitude of sins over the winter. Enjoying […]

Healthy Habits

Six Healthy Habits To Boost Body Confidence

Healthy habits are so important to improve the overall feeling of body confidence. They take time to form and sustain however once you find a suitable level of balance, healthy habits will just become part of everyday life. Feeling great in your own skin gives you confidence from the inside out. Follow these six healthy […]