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Three tips to eating well at work

Eating well at work can improve your functionality and work-rate. Eating well can also control your blood sugar, reduce the effects of the sugar rollercoaster and also boost your mood. I read an article today that really shocked me. It was about high achieving women who felt that it was […]


The Power Of Ginger

Ginger is known to be one of the world’s healthiest foods and can be enjoyed all year round. The ginger root is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda practice for ailments such as gastrointestinal relief, joint pain such as arthritis, nausea and circulation. It is also used to prevent infections such […]


Take 10 minutes a day to breathe

Breathing is a vital function that we take for granted. Most of us who live in a fast paced environment breathe in short, sharp movements from our chest and not deeply into our gut. This is where the problems all begin. By not taking slow, deep breaths, we are restricting the […]

Guilt free eating

Eat Well And Be Happy

The food we eat should make us happy. It should be a pleasurable experience in which we nourish our bodies with essential nutrients for health and well-being. Unfortunately due to women’s magazines, the internet and supermarket marketing, the pleasure of eating has been replaced by stress and guilt. For many years […]