Thank You For Getting Through The Day – Namaste

Today I have to thank myself for getting through the day. Today was a normal day. I woke up at 6am, practiced yoga, had breakfast and listened to a podcast on my way to work. The only thing different today from yesterday was my energy. I was exhausted today. Yesterday I felt great. This is a regular occurrence since finishing cancer treatment. One day I feel like a million dollars and another day I am a walking zombie. Does that ring true for you?

Over the past five years I have learned to manage my energy levels but for some reason today it got to me. I practice everything I should to maintain my energy levels. My diet is fantastic, I am a nutritionist after all. I sleep well. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. I meditate and practice yoga. I am literally a text book for healthy living, so why am I so exhausted?

My fluctuating energy levels have been the most frustrating thing to deal with since finishing treatment. As a 37 year old woman with plenty to live for, it really upsets me when I just have to give in and STOP. My to do list is so long. I have a full-time job which I love and I want to help others with this blog. However, on days like these I have to recognize that there is not enough energy to give to everything. And, it’s ok to STOP.

Since I started practicing yoga over two years ago, I have learned to thank myself. It’s a simple thing really but I never thought about doing it before. Why did I need to thank myself? At the end of every yoga practice my teacher, the lovely Utpala, has taught me to thank myself. To be thankful for being, for what my body achieved in the class, for what I achieved that day. At first it was a weird concept to grasp but now I really appreciate learning this. Especially on days like today.

Today I thank myself for getting through the day. For being alive. For feeling well even though I am exhausted. For functioning and finishing tasks well at work. I am also thankful I feel strong enough to share this with you. This evening when I get home I will rest and I have to be content with that. My body and immunity depend on it. Pushing myself to do the planned 20km on the bike or spreading the eatmoveglow love on pinterest is not going to be helpful this evening. It will most likely make me feel more exhausted. Acceptance is something I have learned over the past five years. To accept that my body needs rest has been so important for my recovery.

My reason for sharing this blog with you today was to encourage you to be kind to yourself throughout your cancer journey. Listen to your body daily and give it what it needs. But most of all to thank yourself for all you achieved today, no matter how big or small.

Today I thank myself for getting through the day. That is enough for me.



Lisa x 


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