Cancer Support Group For Women

The First Eat Move Glow Cancer Support Group For Women

The purpose of this support group for me, was to meet and help people before, during or after treatment. Whilst I was going through treatment, I was desperate to meet people my own age and talk about nutrition, exercise and wellness tools. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start or who to speak to. All I left hospital with was a bag of drugs and a hospital date for my next appointment or chemo.

So, I thought to myself, why not start a support group in Bath? There are no other groups in the area that focus on nutrition, exercise and wellness for women affected by cancer in Bath. There are other groups for specific cancers but not a generic group for any woman with cancer. The first meeting was focusing on nutrition and sharing ideas on what other people used in their diet throughout cancer.

Lisa made a beautiful seven day smoothie plan to share with the group. I prepared a delicious mango smoothie and healthy snacks to share with the group. I wanted to take a selection of the books that I used during treatment, I didn’t realise I had so many. It was so refreshing to meet other like minded women with similar views on diet during and after treatment.

The idea that you can aid your recovery from cancer with nutrition is so powerful. Talking and discussing this area makes you realise how valuable this tool is.  So why do we get no information from the hospital or GP on this area.  During my treatment I walked away with the advice to eat anything I like during chemo from my GP. Instead I read, researched and reviewed every article, book and web link I could find. I tried a variation of green juices and turmeric dishes. I needed to help my body and I knew I needed to find the right nutritional equation. Speaking with other women made me realise I am not alone in this battle and that they share the same ideas on nutrition.  

I met some amazing women at the first Eat Move Glow Support Group. Together we are stronger, empowered women empower women. Listening to every story and journey inspired me so much.  We are all different but yet we share similar paths and if we can help each other or hold hands to face those difficult times making it that little bit easier. I am willing to commit my time, energy and heart to make sure I can help women affected by cancer because I know we can inspire and motivate each other.

The Eat Move Glow Support Group will focus on moving during cancer treatment. We have decided as a group to go for a walk around some beautiful lakes in Newton St Loe. Then go to the local organic farm shop called Newton Farm shop for a herbal tea and gluten free cake.  The date is still being confirmed and I hope to see new faces at the next meeting in the fresh air.

Please share with other women affected by cancer who would like to join the Eat Move Glow Support Group.


Laura x

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