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Talking About The Eat Move Glow Meet Up Group On BBC Radio Bristol

Saturday 4th February was World Cancer Day. It is a day when we unite together to beat cancer together. What a great day to launch the Eat Move Glow Community in Bath, on BBC Radio Bristol. I have never experienced the life of radio before, I always thought I had the face for TV. The office was completely empty (because it was Saturday at 8am) and there was only three producers doing all the work, multitasking songs, interviews, weather and pressing all the buttons in the closed of room.

I was slightly nervous because I like to have an agenda or plan of action. For radio, apparently it is best if you just go in and have a chat live on air. I thought, mmm I better not swear or embarrass myself. Ali Vowles, the producer of BBC Radio Bristol, was such a warm and welcoming host. She pressed play for a song and welcomed me into the booth. We had a quick chat and then she said we would continue the conversation live on air in about one minute. She made it all seem so easy and natural. 

My aim was to promote Eat Move Glow. I wanted to emphasize the importance of having a network or community in the local area to help with nutrition, exercise and wellness tools throughout the cancer journey. Every woman affected by cancer has different needs and reacts to treatment in so many ways. What if there was a cancer toolbox which enabled you to select the nutrition, exercise and wellness tools that suited you. We want to help and meet people affected by cancer, we strongly believe that together we are stronger. We can inspire and motivate each other through the cancer journey. 

There are currently no support groups in Bath for women affected by cancer that focus on nutrition, exercise or wellness. This is the reason for organizing the first Meet Up group. The Eat Move Glow community is unique and special because we will design and shape our tools for women. We would like to invite anyone who has affected by cancer to unite together.

I am so glad Ali asked me questions that allowed me to discuss this information live on air. She really helped me get my message across. I hope that I was able to reach out to women who may benefit from the Eat Move Glow community.

I am extremely excited about crossing paths with Lisa and becoming a partner with Eat Move Glow. Lisa and I share the same vision, mission, values and outlook in life. I have found someone who wants to change the world and help people. This is exactly what we will do. 

Please join us in the Eat Move Glow movement. Our first Meet Up group starts in Bath on March 1st, 1-3pm at Bath Mill Lodge Retreat.

We will be global one day. Dream Big!


Laura x


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