Morning Yoga Practice

Morning Yoga Practice For Women With Cancer

Yoga in the morning is such a positive way of starting your day. Even if you wake up with a lot of worry on your mind, yoga can help bring you back to a more centred state.

This short morning practice is a gentle way to your start your day. It mindfully wakes your body up and promotes flexibility around the hip region. The key to ensure fluid movement is to focus on each breath. Breathe deeply though the nose and out through the mouth on each movement of the routine.

Controlling your breath with each movement is a form of meditation. This helps to calm the mind from any worry or stress about the day ahead. It allows you to be present in the moment and focus on each movement your body makes.

We love to practice yoga in the morning here at eatmoveglow. Throughout our cancer treatment, yoga has been an excellent way to manage stress. It has been a great way to steady the mind and be present in the moment. We highly recommend it as a gentle way to manage the cancer journey.     


Lisa and Laura x

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