Vegetable Miso Broth

Vegetable Miso Broth

Broth is a great winter detox food. This vegetable miso broth recipe is a fantastic way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake enhancing your immunity. It also helps to detox the gut after a period of indulgence.  The miso paste, dried seaweed and tamari in the broth is an excellent source of vegetarian B12 which is important for energy production. 

Vegetable Miso Broth Recipe

Vegetable Miso Broth

Serves One


  • A bundle of brown rice noodles
  • A small handful of spinach
  • A small handful of peeled carrot
  • A tablespoon of chopped spring oinion
  • A few pieces of dried seaweed
  • A small bunch of Chinese mushrooms 
  • A tablespoon of miso paste
  • 350ml boiling water
  • A tablespoon of organic peanuts
  • Tamari


  1. Place the miso paste and boiling water in a bowl to dissolve
  2. Once the paste has dissolved add all ingredients and cover for 2-3 minutes
  3. Add a dash of tamari to taste

Vegetable Miso Broth


This broth can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans and by adding shredded chicken or beef, it can be enjoyed by everyone. Take the dried ingredients to work in a glass jar or lunch box and just add the water to enjoy as a healthy lunch. Or, simply whip it up in 10mins at home for a deliciously healthy dinner.


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