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Why Wait Until We Get Sick To Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes?

The one thing I’ve become aware of since having cancer and talking to people with or recovering from cancer, is that we’ve all made similar healthy lifestyle changes. When diagnosed we started juicing, eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing or even eliminating processed foods and alcohol, and taking up yoga and meditation. This is because these methods are ways to reduce inflammation in our bodies and reduce stress in our lives.

So if these eating and exercise habits are so good for us and help us to recover from serious illness, why wait until we get sick?

You don’t have to become vegan, give up alcohol completely or become a hippy yogi to make healthy lifestyle changes; you just have to tweak a few habits.

Healthy lifestyle change 1: make more time

Time is so important. This is the one thing I truly learned from being ill. When you are faced with having your time taken away, you realise how important it is. Make more time to shop for healthy food. Make more time to prepare the food that will nourish your body. Make more time to eat food with family and friends. Make more time to exercise daily. Make more time to relax either alone or with friends and family. Make more time to talk. We all have 24 hours in the day. Use it to boost your health not to damage it.

Healthy lifestyle change 2: eat more colourful foods

We live in a world were convenience and processing have become the norm. Go back to basics by preparing and cooking at home with fresh, seasonal foods. Try to eat 5-8 portions of fruit and vegetables per day by including at least two colours on your plate at each meal. This could be mixed berries in your porridge at breakfast, a colourful salad for lunch and some roasted vegetables for dinner. Adding colour at each meal will boost your immunity and reduce inflammation of the gut.

Healthy lifestyle change 3: be mindful of alcohol intake

Drinking wine in the evenings at home has now become the normal way to relax from the days stresses. Television programmes have also glamorised this, making it look like a sexy thing to do. There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with your dinner however too much can be harmful for the liver, dehydrate the skin, disrupt sleep and can also increase weight gain. Choosing other forms of relaxation such as a walk or yoga class, a bubble bath, or a cup of tea with friends may be a healthier option.

Healthy lifestyle changes such as these can help to boost your immunity, enhance your sleep, reduce your levels of stress and improve your overall health. This may help to prevent illness. All it takes is a little self-care.

Be kind to yourself


Lisa x

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