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Hair loss during chemo

Hair Loss Tips During Chemo Treatment

Hair loss during chemo can be a very sensitive and traumatic event for women. Hair is such a huge part of our femininity. How we style our hair, the products we use and how we value our hair are very personal to a woman. When I got told that I […]

Walking saved my soul

How Walking Saved My Soul During Cancer Treatment

When I was first diagnosed with cancer on 20th April 2016, I received a lot of information from a variety of people. This included information on cannabis oil, juicing all types of green veg and fruit, sugar – don’t eat it, the alkaline diet, turmeric, green tea and dark chocolate. The list […]

Morning Yoga Practice

Morning Yoga Practice For Women With Cancer

Yoga in the morning is such a positive way of starting your day. Even if you wake up with a lot of worry on your mind, yoga can help bring you back to a more centred state. This short morning practice is a gentle way to your start your day. […]

healthy salad recipe
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5 Steps To An Immune Boosting Salad

A salad can sometimes seem like the boring healthy option however the versatility of a salad is really exciting. After treatment for cancer the body’s immune system is often suppressed. To help rebuild the immune system to feel well again, we are often advised to eat fresh, colourful foods packed with […]